Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A New Poem: Elemental


I thought I saw you the other day.
You were shimmering
in the wake of rain.
You were dancing
in dappled leaf-light.
I felt you thudding
through my veins.

I searched you thrumming
in springtime thunder,
and found you
vibrating into my bones--
sensed you in
every taste touch smell,
but most of all
you felt like home.

I touched you 
in creek-smooth pebbles,
sounded you out
in river moans,
tasted you in every season
and never felt alone.

I sighted you flying
in the moonlight under
darkened silken wings,
Felt you tingle into my every nerve,
saw heard knew
you in everything.

Elemental as iron,
essential as air,
simple as a drop of dew,
yet, how often
I forget
You're there.

Copyright 2010, Elizabeth May

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