About This Blog

I'm not a "blog" kind of person. Let's get that right out there. I'm not as networked as I should be. I'm not online constantly. I like paper books and magazines and am resistant to the idea of e-readers. Sometimes, I go through anti-Facebook kicks and just live life, un-"commented on" or "liked" by my friends for weeks at a time. And I don't feel cut off or unhappy about it; it feels good, real.

Yet, the big guy called. More than once, in fact. Oddly enough, each time, "blog" was in His call for me. Although I don't seem to have been born with that power blogger DNA, it's not a huge stretch. I'm a professional writer. It's what I studied in college and what I've done for a living ever since. Only now, I won't be writing for myself or for a client, I'll be writing for God. I started this blog for Him, so He'll be calling the content shots.

As with most fledgling blogs, I'm still working out the kinks, experimenting with topics, trying to find my niche--and wondering if there's actually anyone "out there." So, if you are out there, leave a comment, subscribe, or follow if you like what you see.