Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Living in the Moment

Photo, Elizabeth May, Copyright 2011

We're eleven days deep into January.

If I had to guess, I'd say most people are in one of three camps when it comes to New Year's Resolutions. They're either: a. working mightily to stick to their goals, b. thinking they should probably get going on those resolutions, but already they can't quite remember what they were, or c. aren't thinking about resolutions at all, because they just didn't bother.

For me, it's "D, None of the Above" this year. I fully intend to resolve some things, um, some really important things.

You may say it's a little late, but in my book, 2011 is young, a mere newborn babe.

So, here I go:

1. I resolve to seek God daily.
2. I resolve to be present.
3. I resolve to get moving.

Number one is self-explanatory, but, nonetheless, essential.

Number two refers to my problem of letting the minuate of life exert its tyranny over me on a daily basis. Sometimes it seems like I can think of little else than a running to-do list.

I'm tired of walking around with a chant of clean-bathrooms-renew-library-books-get-to-karate-on-time-plan-dinner like some kind of fanatic domestic monk.

So I resolve to be present here, now, in this moment. To truly savor my family, nature, everything--more.

And, last, I resolve to make time to be active again. Taking walks, jogging, commiting to a workout class. Doing something that's both healthy and renewing for me.

God, I struggle mightily to do it all on my own. To keep the dishes at bay, the fridge stocked, the mail and paperwork sorted, the laundry folded, the bathrooms cleaned. And, all this with a constant stream of little voices expressing ongoing needs, questions, and demands. Help me to learn that a clean, organized, cozy home--while desirable--shouldn't be pursued above all else. Teach me that caring for my family's emotional and spiritual needs means more. Allow me to slow down and do more by doing less. Help me to give of myself and my time willingly. Amen.

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